Green cardano stake pool with minimal fees

Ticket: SPIN / ID: pool1mxf3za99yc9lfnndjjesjla65rz9vln29y7wjx4p33u0cr84n04

One big advantage of Cardano is it's decentral architecture. While other cryptocurrencies are decentral in theorey and processed on just a few nodes in practice, Cardano spreads the work across many stake pools.

Therefore we set up the AdaSpin Stake Pool to provide our humble contribution to the Cardano network. We're very much interested in bringing Cardano to real-world applications, rather than speculate on high exchange rates.

The pool ...

We're aware that rewards are only distributed in stake pools that produces blocks and that small pools like this one will have to wait many epochs till it's elected to produces one. But since there is less stake on the pool, the reward is shared bewteen less delegators and the individual share is therefor higher.

Your ADA delegation is very welcome.